Services Offer

Spot Trading

A spot trade is the purchase or sale of a foreign currency for immediate delivery. Spot trades involve securities traded for immediate delivery on a specified date.

Margin Trading

Margin trading refers to borrowing money from the broker to purchase stock. Margin trading is a way of using funds provided by a third party to conduct asset transactions.

Future Trading

Futures trading is a contract between a buyer looking to invest and a seller and where the contract is made for the future and has an expiration date.

Investment as a service

Investment services is a general term used to describe a whole range of activities related to investments in financial instruments and trading in Crypto Currency.

Gifts as a services

Even though the service itself is the real gift, having something to go with it that the person can accept physically is going the extra mile with trading in market

Decentralised Exchange

Decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs) are blockchain-based apps that coordinate large-scale trading of crypto assets between many users.


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